About this site

I entered the world of photography eight years ago with an impulse-purchased Nikon D70. I’ve had a blast. This year, I decided to see what film was all about. More fun, even, and a serious rekindling of both my creativity and my technical learning. I’m not sure where this site is headed, but I wanted a place to post my experiences, my work with film, and general musings. Please enjoy, and if you have questions, comments or critiques of my images and/or my process, or suggestions for my work or the site itself, such communications will be most welcome.

For those who might be curious, the site background is a tiled 100% crop of midtone grain from a 6×6 frame, shot on Ilford Delta 3200 and stand processed 1 hour in 1:100 Rodinal. Scanned at 2400 dpi.