Testing: Carl Zeiss Tessar 45/2.8

by Todd on March 15, 2013

It’s been several months since I received my Contax-mount Tessar 45/2.8 T* from an eBay auction, and I finally had a chance to finish a roll. The lens came to me attached to a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000. I don’t have much of a need for this camera, but I got a great deal, so why not? I wanted the lens to use on my RX, but this was just a quick test roll, so I ran it through the FX-3 for fun. Not a bad little beater camera! The meter seems accurate, and the body has a reputation for being sturdy and trouble-free.

I used a 24-exposure roll of some very old color film of an unknown brand, as I knew I’d just be taking crap-shots. I dropped of the film to Walgreen’s, and I let them scan it, too, to save me time. The film, as expected, was in bad shape, and the scans have a lot of ugly color-noise. But I managed to get a couple of entertaining “artifact shots” when the film apparently slipped at the end of the roll. Most importantly, the Tessar 45 looks like everything I hoped for. Ridiculously sharp!

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