Contax G-lenses: 45mm f/2 & 90mm f/2.8

by Todd on December 31, 2012

I took the Contax G2 out for a quick drive today, to finish a roll of Portra 160 VC that I started just before Thanksgiving. I’ve posted shots from the 45 a few times, but I think this may be the first time I’ve posted anything from the 90. I don’t have time to scan today, and I wanted to see these shots right away, so I just dropped the roll off at Walgreen’s and had them put low-res scans on a CD. I was exclaiming again and again as I clicked through these scans, not because any of the shots are especially epic, but rather at the quality of the Zeiss-Contax G 45mm f/2 lens. Today’s roll has put this lens at the absolute pinnacle for me. Incredible contrast and sharpness across the entire frame, with no weak spots anywhere. The 45/2 is in my mind the best lens I have ever owned. It also has brilliant rendition of the out-of-focus areas, though that’s not obvious, in any of the shots below, except somewhat in the shot of my son and granddaughter. This latter judgment is made primarily from a few pics I made for a client, which don’t really belong on this blog.

The 90/2.8 falls only slightly short of the 45, which still leaves in the highest echelons of image quality. Even focusing at infinity, the 90/2.8 is wonderful and dependable. This body and two-lens kit are simply phenomenal. The first seven shots in the gallery came from the 45, and the remainder from the 90.

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