Three portraits: Fuji GA645

by Todd on July 25, 2012

I like longer lenses for portraits, but I could learn to like 60mm on this camera. The lens is just so good! These are snaps from Monday, when I stopped into the lab where I used to work. The first guy, on the wrong side of the light, is David, my old boss. The guy in the middle with the sour expression is me, and that shot was taken by Jeff, the one on the right. Not only is the Fuji lens very sharp, the camera’s AF is quick and accurate. The shot of David was a very quick grab, taken almost before he knew I was shooting it. Dead accurate. And when I handed the camera to Jeff, he was able to take a well-focused shot of me without any instruction or practice. The GA645 is very easy to use, which I know will contribute to me falling in love with this ugly machine fast. Having shot a lot of 35mm lately, these big negatives are really nice, too! Film was Arista 400, development the same as for the last post.

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adina August 2, 2012 at 8:52 am

todd. you’ve left me no choice but to track you down this way. yesterday, i was defending my anti-chick-fil-a stance, i thought, “where the heck is todd?!?! he used to be all over this kind of thing!”

todd. we miss you. social media is your friend. :)


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