Contax G2 with Zeiss 45/2 Planar

by Todd on June 6, 2012

I received my first rangefinder from KEH yesterday, the Contax G2. I’ve been looking forward to this camera for a long time, primarily for the legendary quality of the Carl Zeiss 45 f/2 Planar lens. I’ve already sent the camera back, due to several minor issues. However, the G2 is a phenomenal camera, and the 45/2 is everything it’s made out to be. Sadly, KEH doesn’t have another one available at the same grade level, so I’ll have to wait until I can find another G2 before I get to use this lens again. But I’m definitely impressed with the Contax G system, and you should be seeing a lot of it on this site soon.

I was able to shoot two rolls of film in the brief time I had the G2, and I wanted to share several of them here. They’re just snapshots with the intent of evaluating the glass. No real thought was given to subject or composition. I shot this color roll in less than ten minutes. So the photos are pretty boring, but if you’re a lens geek like me, they should give you an idea of how awesome the 45 is. Film was Fuji 800.

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