Expired slide film is expired

by Todd on May 29, 2012

A few weeks ago I was given some expired Kodak Elite Chrome 100 by Roger, the owner at University Camera in Iowa City. I shot one of these rolls two weeks ago when I was at Rochester Cemetery, same day that I shot the Fuji 800 that I developed in Rodinal. I just got the E-6 roll back today. Wow, crazy colors! Pretty much what I expected, and was hoping for, I guess. These were all shot with the Pentax PZ-1 and the FA77. I think. I wish I could recall for sure, but I might have popped on the 135/2.5 for a few shots. I think stuff like this is really fun. Certainly unpredictable, but it can be rewarding, and at east a couple of the shots turned out to be pretty cool. All were done at Rochester except for the last four, which I shot in my neighbor’s yard just so I could finish the roll and turn it in.


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