More Contax snaps: two B/W films

by Todd on April 21, 2012

I’m just enjoying film a lot lately, 35mm specifically, and so I may not be posting the most awesome photos you’ve ever seen (which is different than normal, of course, when I routinely post the most awesome photos you’ve ever seen). ;) Still really pleased with the Contax RX, and I want to run a bunch of film through it so I can gain confidence in my mirror repair job. I’m also acquainting myself with the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens. So, I’m just shooting to shoot, mostly just whatever subjects present themselves to me on a given day.

This gallery is a mix. The first four shots were on Ilford Delta 400, the rest on Neopan 400. The rolls were developed together, in rodinal. Ninety minute stand with five or ten seconds of inversions in the middle, 1:45 dilution. They were mostly metered at 800, but a few were at box speed. Actually, I should note that the very first shot was done with the Pentax LX and the FA77. I returned the LX to Coop, and since he wasn’t planning to finish the roll any time soon, I moved it over to the Contax. Note to future self: if you’re going to move a roll between cameras, and the receiving body has a date-printing function, please disable it before you advance the film.

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