New camera: Pentax PZ-1

by Todd on March 26, 2012

As much as I admire the antique gear, and the fact that I can still make great images with it, sometimes I want the camera to get out of my way when I’m shooting. Most importantly, I don’t want to have to worry about advancing the film. For getting out of the way and letting me think only about the images I want to get, nothing beats the Nikon F100. But for pure optical magic, Pentax lenses have the edge for me, so I wanted to get a Pentax body which came as close as possible to the F100 in general usability. That might be the MZ-S, but it’s a bit out of my price range at the moment, so I settled for a PZ-1.

This roll came off the PZ-1 two nights ago, and in fact I did not use the FA-77 lens which I find so magical (but soon I will be posting some images from that lens, as well as the FA-43, which should be arriving shortly). These were all shot with the Zeiss ZK-35/2 Distagon, on LegacyPro 400 (Fuji Neopan). I just wanted to run a few rolls through the PZ-1 as quickly as possible, to get acquainted with the camera. Most of this roll was shot in West Branch, just wandering around with the goal of shooting 24 frames in about a half-hour.

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