Parting Shot

by Todd on September 4, 2011

“Parting” for two reasons: it was one one of the last shots I took at this wedding, and it may be among my last professional wedding shots ever. Not because I haven’t enjoyed many aspects of every wedding I’ve shot, or because I wasn’t happy with the results. It just stresses me out to be responsible for documenting such an important event with shots that live up to everyone’s hopes and visions. I’ve not had any major catastrophes at any of the weddings I’ve shot (one memory card, temporarily lost, gave me a two-hour heart attack, but that was the worst of it), but the potential for failure keeps me up at night, often for two or three nights preceding the event. So I’m calling it quits as a wedding shooter. Actually I called it quits a couple of years ago, but came out of retirement to shoot this event for my oldest friend, Jonathan, and his wife Laura.

I know I’m really digressing here, since this is a blog about shooting film….hehe. Well, to get to the film-related point: I can’t imagine, considering my stress levels while shooting digital, where exposure errors, etc. can be spotted immediately, how much greater my concerns would be if I were to document such an event with only film! I have the greatest respect for photographers who did (or do) this routinely. This is the only wedding to which I have ever brought film gear, and I didn’t take that many film shots, since things tend to develop quickly and unpredictably, and I didn’t want to miss anything.

I just wanted to share this one shot of Jonathan and Laura that I really dig. Taken with my Nikon F100 and the Nikkor 105/2.5. Film was Legacy Pro (Neopan) 100, exposed at 400. I developed in Rodinal, 1:25, for 10 minutes with brief agitation once per minute.

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