April 2011


by Todd on April 30, 2011

This post won’t be surprising or interesting to experienced film shooters. But one thing I was pleasantly surprised by when I started shooting with film is that my exposures were pretty good. Even with my old Pentax MX, which only offers center-weighted metering. This metering mode is something I never touch on my digital cameras. […]


First E-6!

by Todd on April 29, 2011

Last Saturday I shot my very first roll of slide film, and this is the first shot off the roll. Fuji Astia. I had no problem getting a good exposure, because I bracketed three shots for each composition, 1.5 stops apart. Good thing, too, because I was using my D3 for a meter, and my […]


Hybrid Experiment

by Todd on April 20, 2011

Well, I’ve only just started this film blog, and already I’m pretty much guilty of sacrilege. Story of my life. But after all, I’m not here to impress anyone. This is meant to be sort of a diary of my personal exploration into film photography. While I certainly hope a few others will follow along, […]


My Film Gear

by Todd on April 16, 2011

I’m not exactly a hardcore gearhead, but I know some readers will be curious about the cameras I use to make the images that appear on this site. I’ll also have a “Gear” category and tab, because over time I’ll acquire more stuff, or perhaps make posts regarding the use of certain pieces of equipment. […]


A Quick Dip in Rodinal

by Todd on April 10, 2011

I’ve processed 7 or 8 rolls of film by now, all in Rodinal, and most usingĀ  a steep dilution (1:100) and a “stand” protocol. In this case I wanted to try a more typical protocol, and see how it affected grain and contrast. The film was LegacyPro 400, which is said to be re-badged Fuji […]

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Coop and His Dogs

by Todd on April 5, 2011

  Coop’s been a buddy of mine for a long time, and he is in fact the one who pushed me into photography by loaning me a copy of Photoshop shortly after I bought my first dSLR. We’re mutually bad influences on each other, encouraging the purchase of new, exciting, and generally unnecessary gear. It’s […]