March 2011

My First Processing

by Todd on March 31, 2011

Developing film was completely a black box to me until very recently. I have to thank Dave at University Camera for encouraging me to jump in, and assuring me it wasn’t that hard. After some research, I settled on stand development in Rodinal as my first foray into film chemistry, and this post includes three […]


Old Art Building

by Todd on March 27, 2011

Two shots of the old art building on the University of Iowa Campus, heavily flood-damaged in 2008, and still sitting unoccupied as far as I know. The second photo was taken on a perpendicular axis to the first, from a position near the right edge of that frame. It reminds me of some of the […]


Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratory

by Todd on March 24, 2011

I very recently received my 1977 Pentax MX, and was eager to run some film through it, so took a quick walk by the river this afternoon. These were shot with the Zeiss ZK-35/2, and rushed to Walgreen’s for development, since University Camera was closed. I have photographed the IATL (colloquially known as the Laser […]


Chain Link

by Todd on March 22, 2011

City Park pool in early spring. These were shot on Ilford XP2 with the Bronica SQ-Ai, developed by the local camera store, and scanned by me.


TMax 3200, Foggy Morning

by Todd on March 13, 2011

Seems like this film was made for foggy mornings! Despite the fog, it was actually pretty bright, and most of these were shot at 1/4000th or faster, and f/8 or smaller. Zeiss 100 Makro-Planar on the Nikon F100.


Fuji Superia 400, 35 mm

by Todd on March 10, 2011

Here are a few snaps from my Nikon F100, on Fuji Superia 400, using the Zeiss 100/2 Makro-Planar: a random theatre student I met while doing headshots for the department’s faculty, a Mexican restaurant in Solon, and our cat Jim Jong Il. Very fine grain to this film!